At FlightMedx Inc., the health and safety of our patients -as well as our staff- is our primary mission. We believe it is important to let you know how we guard against COVID-19 and practice the highest level of infection control for each flight, on an on-going basis. Before and after each case, all of our aircraft are regularly cleaned and sanitized. This includes the cabin, cockpit area, and all equipment. The staff has recently completed additional COVID-19 training, and are signed off while following additional sanitation protocols. For the latest information on the virus, please visit

'I recommend FlightMedx Inc. as your preferred provider for any medical aviation needs.'

Paul S. Viviano, CEO, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

'I commend FlightMedx for their excellent staff and use of state of the art equipment.'

Mark Landon, MD, Anesthesiologist, San Diego, CA

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Specialized Medical Jet Services

At FlightMedx each of our aircraft are fully equipped for any situation in any environment. From organ transports to emergency patient transports, our medical jets are suitable for all medical flights. FlightMedx knows that when you order from a medical flight company, you want the best of the best.

Each individual situation is specifically monitored, planned, and administered. For critical care trauma patients all factors are taken into consideration. When a patient in critical status is reported to our professional staff, we take every detail into account to provide the safest, quickest and most efficient service.

Each of our emergency jets is built to provide a safe and comfortable space for patients and their families during flights. All our aircrafts are Part 135 licensed and insured air ambulance transport vehicles, pressurized, and equipped with the latest modern technology in stretcher systems with built in oxygen, suction, air compressor, and power inverter.

With the hospital-like environment each of our aircrafts is equipped with defibrillation  pacing capabilities, emergency medications, cardiac monitoring, infusion therapy, invasive hemodynamic monitoring, advanced airway management capabilities, end tidal CO2 monitoring, and pulse oximetry; we hope to provide the most comfortable and effective service to our patients, putting FlightMedx above the rest of the medical flight companies.

We know you’re looking for something above comfort and efficiency: peace of mind. FlightMedx' medical jet services provides peace of mind with every flight, with both our national and international travels. Our caring staff assure every family’s patient that our air medical transport will get their loved ones home safely.

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