At FlightMedx Inc., the health and safety of our patients -as well as our staff- is our primary mission. We believe it is important to let you know how we guard against COVID-19 and practice the highest level of infection control for each flight, on an on-going basis. Before and after each case, all of our aircraft are regularly cleaned and sanitized. This includes the cabin, cockpit area, and all equipment. The staff has recently completed additional COVID-19 training, and are signed off while following additional sanitation protocols. For the latest information on the virus, please visit

'I recommend FlightMedx Inc. as your preferred provider for any medical aviation needs.'

Paul S. Viviano, CEO, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

'I commend FlightMedx for their excellent staff and use of state of the art equipment.'

Mark Landon, MD, Anesthesiologist, San Diego, CA

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Air Ambulance Orange County

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Orange County Air Ambulance Services

Orange County is a beautiful place even among California living standards, home to diverse natural scenery, beautiful beaches, and a warm costal climate. With over three million residents, there are countless lives to protect within our county’s border. When it comes to patient transport throughout California, no air ambulance is as trusted as FlightMedx 

FlightMedx is the best air ambulance company in Orange County. Providing safe and reliable air ambulance services to, and from, Fullerton to San Clemente and everything in-between.  With the supervision of Mission Viejo’s own Dr. Peter Czuleger as our medical director, we have proven time and time again to be a precise and effective air ambulance company that delivers service with a guaranteed quality.

With a top priority of protecting the families we live alongside as an Orange County air ambulance, FlightMedx is, without a doubt, the number one air ambulance service when it comes to your safety and a healthy peace of mind. Our air ambulance service operators, medics, and team of flight coordination experts, work constantly to provide the best patient care throughout transportation. With the latest medical equipment among air ambulance companies FlightMedx gives you and your loved ones top-of-the-line service along with a staff that get your patient transported safely.

The Factor That Sets FlightMedx Apart

We at FlightMedx are more than proud of our trained medical staff. The fact that we take honor in our work is what sets us above the rest.  Each of our flight paramedics is required to uphold the highest standards in flight specialization, so that no matter the situation, our team can operate at peak capabilities. 

We are not just trained for ourselves but for our patients. When we fly with our patients, we are flying with our neighbors, our friends, and we can feel the struggle that their loved ones go through on every flight. We make it our goal that your flight be safe, comfortable, and peaceful.

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