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'I recommend FlightMedx Inc. as your preferred provider for any medical aviation needs.'

Paul S. Viviano, CEO, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

'I commend FlightMedx for their excellent staff and use of state of the art equipment.'

Mark Landon, MD, Anesthesiologist, San Diego, CA

Air Ambulance Hawaii


Air Ambulance Hawaii

Hawaii Air Ambulance Services

Hawaii is one of the world’s leading tourist attractions, pulling in thousands of guests to the island state every year. As beautiful as the islands are, they are equally dangerous with their isolated location in the Pacific Ocean. Providing flights for local, interstate, and international hospitals, FlightMedx has round-the-clock medical flight service for every major island in the Hawaii area. While your family enjoys their time on the sunny sister islands, you can be assured that the best air ambulance company to service the Hawaiian islands, FlightMedx, is available for any air ambulatory needs. 

To ensure our guarantee of quality service on each flight, every member of our medical and aviation staff have been trained to the highest industry standards.  The majority of our medical professionals are military medical, and healthcare, veterans that have serviced patients under the most extreme of conditions.

As Hawaii’s number one choice for air ambulance services, rest assured that FlightMedx is able to safely treat, and transport, patients of all condition. Beyond our staff’s medical training, all personnel are completely briefed on the patient’s immediate condition. Throughout the flight, FlightMedx staff will safely and professionally tend to the patient’s needs. 

How FlightMedx Compares

To build trust and confidence with our patients, and their families, FlightMedx is available 24/7. Patients, healthcare workers, and family members with further inquiries about our air ambulance services can contact FlightMedx at 1-800-554-6884 (either via phonecall or text). We at FlightMedx will do our very best to answer any question or concern you may have regarding our services, staff, or company. We look forward to building a trust-founded, and lasting, relationship with each and every one of our patients.

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